Standing out from the competition can be hard especially if there are many businesses offering the same product or service. For example, in Noosa, we are reliant on tourism and there are many local businesses competing for the tourist dollar. Luckily, one of the most effective ways to pull in the clients is also one of the most affordable. Signage is cheaper than many other marketing techniques and has the advantage of being able to capture the imagination of potential clients as they pass by on foot or on the road. Want to know more? Here’s 5 ways the right signage can improve your sales.

1. Introduce Your Business

A sign is the most basic way of identifying a business for potential customers that are passing by. Signage introduces the business and greets the passers-by while welcoming them to try your products.

2. Branding

You can tailor your signage to enhance your company image with fonts, colours, and imagery. Branding creates an image that potential clients associate with your business. Over time, your business comes to the forefront when the customer has a need for your service or products.

3. Signage Works All Day Every Day

Signage attracts customers that come in contact with the advertising every day and night for the whole year. Unlike mass media advertising, where listeners and viewers have to be listening to particular ads when being played, signage tells your story at all time.

4. Promote Special Events

Most businesses use signs to announce promotions and other offers that they may be having. If the signs are put in prominent places,  they encourage customers that had not planned to buy to come in and take advantage of the discount.

5. Signs are Flexible

Signs are an effective tool that can be placed in almost any available space. You can have signs on light poles, billboards, on the sides of buses and taxis, as well as strategically placed around shopping centres. Business cards and flyers are another affordable and effective form of signage.

Keen to find out more about how signage can increase your sales? Contact Olddog signs in Noosa. We have helped hundreds of local businesses with advertising flags and banners, business cards, flyers, light boxes, 3D lettering and signs. All shapes and sizes!