4WD Bonnet And Car Roof Wraps

are becoming more popular with 4WD’s and vehicles that the paint on the bonnet and roof are getting a bit tired.

Here are a few steps and simple remedies.

  1. Bring the vehicle in to Olddog Signs and we can quote on covering the bonnet or roof or both with a vinyl wrap.
  2. Sometimes the bonnet or roof may need some preparation by sanding the effected clear coat away to allow a good finish and adhesion of the new vinyl wrap we can organise this if need be.
  3. Basic Bonnet wraps start at around $250 with a choice of about 7 colours, we have found matt and gloss black are popular and contrast well on most vehicles and 4WD’s

When Vinyl Wrapping a vehicle it is important to remember that the quality of the vinyl is also important.

  1. Quality allows for a great finish.
  2. Quality allows Durable surface.
  3. Quality allows Easy cleaning with soap and water for a back to new finish.

Give that tired surface a refresh and call us for a quote or just drop in http://OLDDOG SIGNS, 5/144 Eumundi Noosa